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Mineral Wool Thermal Insulation Spraying

Mineral Wool Thermal Insulation Spraying

  • Power:50W
  • Input Voltage:100-240V AC 50/60HZ
  • Display Mode:16:9
  • Resolution:1920X1080


 The thermal insulation spraying of Ceteng mineral wool is to spray the mineral wool on the wall densely and evenly under the strong pressure wind of the mineral wool spraying machine to form a thermal insulation layer.

      The mineral cotton binder is used as a raw material, mineral cotton fibers are tightly bound by the binder, and the integrity is good. The system can adapt to the normal deformation of the matrix without cracks or hollowing.

    As an efficient thermal insulation material, Ceteng mineral fiber spray cotton is non-combustible when exposed to fire (Class A) compared with foam thermal insulation materials such as organic polystyrene and polyurethane. It does not have flame ignition and transmissibility, and its bulk density is light, thermal conductivity is low, fire prevention is non-toxic, chemical performance is stable, and service life is long. It is recognized as an ideal thermal insulation material at home and abroad and is widely used in various industries such as buildings.

Mineral Fiber Sprayed Cotton Sprayed Surface Treatment

1. Spraying dust and dirt on the surface with compressed air or water for surface treatment; if the surface is damaged or has serious cracks, it must be professionally identified and repaired.

2. Prevent non-spraying devices and ventilation pipe holes for doors and windows, various equipment, pipes and spraying protection shields.

3. Clean obstacles to ensure smooth movement, space and safety of spraying hands, and maintain the best spraying distance and spraying angle.

Preparation and Adjustment of Mineral Fiber Sprayed Cotton Material

1. The debugging of spraying equipment shall be carried out strictly accordance with the equipment operation adjustment test. The air pressure of the spraying main machine and the plastic pump pressure feeding device shall be tested. Through model test, glue spraying flow rate and quantity of cotton test, the air range and feed mixing speed shall be adjusted step by step until the fiber spraying state is stable and the spraying process requirements are met.

2. Check the drawings and determine the position of the fiber spraying, spraying department should indicate and necessary protection.

3. Distinguish the thickness scale (standard) for prevention, and then spray it. The spray angle should meet the technical requirements in order to obtain greater pressure strength and minimum rebound. After the thickness of the coating is less than 100mm, the spraying layer can be a paint finish. Matters needing attention for plastic products on the surface of spray coating: after the spray coating surface is dried for about half an hour, according to different requirements of heat preservation or absorption, use a molding tool for rolling hair and molding different surfaces of plates or aluminum alloy strips. After the product is molded, the surface adhesive is sprayed once to improve the surface strength. Design requirements such as surface coloring, surface coating, coating surface coating color paste coloring. If the spraying layer is easy to be on the spot of mechanical accident, the surface protective layer shall be treated. After spraying the construction site, it should be cleaned up in time to remove the rebounding materials and remove the site for coating protection. 

1. Sound absorption, sound insulation and noise reduction

    Sound-absorbing inorganic fiber spraying has a natural fibrous porous structure, which can effectively absorb acoustic energy, reduce and eliminate the noises, and can be directly sprayed on the surface of the building floor without affecting the original configuration of the space. This kind of structure is superior to the traditional sound-absorbing material, and the sound-absorbing effect is more natural. It is especially suitable for stadiums, theaters, recording studios, hotel industrial plants, class rooms, computer rooms, waiting halls and other places with strict requirements for sound.

2. Thermal insulation performance

    The thermal resistance of the sound-absorbing inorganic fiber sprayed is as high as 3.7R/in and the thermal conductivity coefficient is 0.039 w/m.k. the seamless structure is formed by spraying. after construction, the compact structure is formed with considerable compactness, which can effectively prevent the heat transfer and realize thermal insulation. Compared with common thermal insulation materials, the energy-saving effect is 40% ~ 50% higher. And condensation can be prevented (this is especially important for application in air conditioning pipelines).

3. Fire resistance and flame retardancy

    The sound-absorbing inorganic fibers spraying has undergone special chemical treatment and has a high flame retardant effect. Its effective sealing also prevents the combustion of air, reduces the combustion speed and prolongs the rescue time. After testing by the national authority, it belongs to Class A refractory material, and its fireproof performance does not decay with age and its service life is long.

4 Insect prevention and antibacterial properties

Sound-absorbing inorganic fiber spraying contains EPA approved insecticidal formula, which can effectively prevent the invasion and reproduction of mice, cockroaches and other insect pests, inhibit the generation of mold (mold is often the root of many diseases), thus protecting the wall and indoor environment from damage.

5 Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Performance

    The sound-absorbing fiber of Shanghai Ceteng Environmental Protection Materials Company has undergone special chemical treatment to form a spray-on sound-absorbing sound-insulating and heat-insulating material. The sound-absorbing inorganic fiber is sprayed with asbestos-free and other artificial mineral fibers. It has the characteristics of fire prevention, no toxicity and no mold growth. It can be combined with professional adhesives. Spray on the base of any building, such as wood, metal, concrete, glass, gypsum board, profiled steel sheet, etc. The special adhesive does not contain benzene, xylene and other substances, and is non-toxic and non-irritant. The product is non-toxic and tasteless, free of dust and mildew. The PH value of the water-based environment-friendly glue is 7, which does not corrode other materials. 

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