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Ceteng Light Composite Wall

  • Power:50W
  • Input Voltage:100-240V AC 50/60HZ
  • Display Mode:16:9
  • Resolution:1920X1080

  Assembled lightweight finished wall is a lightweight composite wall with special functions developed and produced for the indoor space and structure of modern buildings, commercial buildings and ecological houses. Its brand-new architectural ideas and excellent performance meet the requirements of modern indoor environment. The birth of this product will definitely replace the traditional building blocks.

The Ceteng brand light energy-saving composite wallboard produced by our company is a non-load-bearing board composed of thin fiber cement board or calcium borate board as two panels and light core material filled in the middle. It is mainly used as the partition wall, internal partition wall and external wall of buildings, fire-fighting partition wall, etc. It can effectively reduce the occupied area of walls, improve the residential utility rate, reduce structural composition, improve the seismic resistance and safety performance of J buildings, and reduce the comprehensive cost. It is the best substitute for traditional solid clay bricks.

Performance Index of Light Composite Wall

    For every 11.8m extension of the light energy-saving wall of Ceteng, the usable area of 1m2 can be increased, the utilization rate can be increased by 4-6%, and the usable area can be increased by 4.26m2 per 100m2 of residence.

    The fire resistance limit of the light energy-saving wall material of Ceteng exceeds 4 hours at 1000 degrees, and it does not emit toxic and harmful gases, and its incombustibility reaches the National A-level Standard.

The Ceteng light energy-saving board wall will not suffer from board loosening, active magnesia, deformation, strength reduction and other phenomena due to moisture absorption.

    The composite wall made of pure natural vermiculite, high-purity quartz powder, inorganic fiber and plant fiber is cured by high-temperature and high-pressure steam, and its internal honeycomb structure ensures its good thermal insulation function.

    The cement fiberboard on the surface of the light energy-saving panel wall, the internal component materials and the concave-convex connection between the panels of the light energy-saving panel wall of Ceteng have good sound absorption and sound insulation effects. The sound insulation of 90MM thick panel wall is 42dB, which is much higher than that of other bricklaying walls.

It completely adopts dry operation fabricated construction, and it’s times higher efficient than masonry wall construction.

The Ceteng wallboard raw materials 100% does not contain harmful substances to human body, no radioactive A products, in line with the national G/T169-2005 standard, is the State Environmental Protection Administration certification of green building materials.

The Ceteng Board Wall Reuse Rate 70-90%

The impact resistance of Ceteng wallboard is 1.5 times that of common masonry. It can meet the requirements of buildings with seismic intensity above grade 8.

/Ceteng composite wallboard can be slotted for wiring, nailing or single-point hanging force of upper expansion bolt above 45KG according to required tasks. 

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