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TIS Top terminal Intelligent systems—Double groove

TIS Top terminal Intelligent systems—Double groove

  • Power:50W
  • Input Voltage:100-240V AC 50/60HZ
  • Display Mode:16:9
  • Resolution:1920X1080

    Ceteng TIS integrated belt integrates and hides all or selectively the terminal equipment and pipelines such as fire sprinkler, fire smoke, temperature, sound horn, point light source lighting, wireless communication coverage, infrared probe, sensor, intelligent controller, etc. in the product.

       Ceteng TIS integrated belt optimizes the top function to the greatest extent through terminal integration. It is an innovative technology and advanced product leading the trend of interior decoration. The product is made of high-quality imported alloy plates, with strong mechanical properties, not easy to deform, not easy to corrode. The surface is smooth and durable.

    Shanghai Ceteng TIS Integrated Belt will be widely used in offices, supermarkets, transportation hubs, hotels, hospitals, entertainment and other places in the future. It can be used both on the top of the room and on the side of the wall. There are many options for the integrated belt with light slots to make your decoration more distinctive.

Material characteristics: The shell material is made of high-quality galvanized steel plate with anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment, which has strong mechanical properties and is not easy to deform. The surface is sprayed with plastic for rust prevention, corrosion prevention, double protection, difficult scratching, good surface smoothness and long service life. The integrated panel with grid is made of high-quality 6063 Aluminum Alloy Materials, which has undergone special oxidation treatment and has good surface texture, durability and good aesthetics. The transparent cover of the light groove is made of polycarbonate material with heat resistance, impact resistance and flame retardance, and is integrally formed by a special process, so that the light efficiency is high, and glare prevention is well controlled.

Expansion and expandability: The light groove of integrated belt can be replace by many other parts, such as light groove (equipped with anti-glare grid), light groove (equipped with anti-glare light-transmitting cover), point light source combination plate, punched light-transmitting plate and other forms of replacement. Various equipment terminals can be integrated and accommodated or installed on the shell with an inner cavity as required, and after installation, it is more convenient to reduce and expand supplementary equipment terminals in the later period. The integrated belt shell and the hanging plate on the inner side of the shell form a wire box which can accommodate ballasts, wires and branch junction boxes, and the decorative grid strip panel also has the function of a tuyere guide plate. After the application of the integration belt, the designer's creation space is greatly increased.

Main technical performance: Adopt high-performance radiation-proof electronic ballast with voltage of 220V and frequency of 50HZ. The light source adopts tricolor high-efficiency T5 fluorescent lamps with various power specifications.

Safety grade: The safe grade is IP20 CLASS I and conforms to IEC598 international safety standard

Energy efficiency grade: Grade 1

Application scope: It is widely used in various occasions, such as offices, supermarkets, transportation hubs, hotels, hospitals, entertainment, etc. It can be used on the upper face of the room and on the side of the wall as well.


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