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Glass Fiber Thermal Insulation Spraying

Glass Fiber Thermal Insulation Spraying

  • Power:50W
  • Input Voltage:100-240V AC 50/60HZ
  • Display Mode:16:9
  • Resolution:1920X1080

Glass fiber (formerly known as: glass fiber or fiberglass in English) is a kind of inorganic nonmetallic material with excellent performance. It’s of wide varieties with advantages of good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength.


The Ceteng Glass Fiber Sound Absorption and Insulation System is a white glass fiber material which is processed by special technology and suitable for spraying application. The glass fiber’s performance is quite stable as an inorganic material (except for Class A).

Shanghai Ceteng Glass Fiber Sound Absorption and Insulation System adopts specially processed glass fiber cotton as the main raw material, and is equipped with water or special water-based adhesive. After being combed, scattered, granulated and pressurized by special spraying equipment, it is transported to a special spray gun head through a special hose. The spray gun head is mixed with the adhesive pumped by a glue pump and then sprayed on the surface of the building substrate. After artificial surface shaping and natural drying, a continuous seamless spray insulation layer with a certain thickness is formed.

Application of Shanghai Ceteng Glass Fiber Sound Absorption and Insulation System:

1. Exterior Wall Insulation;
2. Underground garage boards, insulation of equipment rooms and acoustic applications;
3. External insulation of dry-hung curtain wall;
4. Acoustics and thermal insulation in large stadiums and gymnasiums and buildings of opposite sex structures.
5. Sound insulation for internal partitions of commercial buildings such as theaters and conference halls;
6. Insulation of wood and light steel structure wall roof

Features of Shanghai Ceteng Glass Fiber Sound Absorption and Insulation System Products

1. Nice Thermal Insulation

Based on the physical principle, the gas has a small thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation materials have many air pockets inside. However, the glass fiber heat-resistant and heat-insulating cotton produced by our factory has numerous fine gas holes and the fibers are irregularly arranged. It is an excellent heat-insulating material with a thermal conductivity of 0.03 W/cm.k.

2. It does not burn and its incombustible, non-deformation, and non-embrittlement with high temperature resistance up to 700 degrees. The tested combustion performance is to be A1 grade.

3. It doesn’t contain any adhesive, and it’s non-toxic, tasteless, environment-friendly and nontoxic. Compared with traditional glass wool and rock wool products, it does not contain any adhesive and will not give off any toxic and pungent smoke when exposed to high temperature.

4. High insulation. The glass fiber is the best insulating material.

5. High corrosion resistance. There’s no chemical reaction between the glass fiber and strong acid, and it will not reduce its functional characteristics for a long time.

6. Good recoverability. The glass fiber contains numerous fixed air pockets, and excellent recoverability. Not afraid of any shock and vibration, the tensile strength is above 1.0kg.

7. Low moisture absorption rate. The moisture absorption rate is usually close to zero. 

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